Anthos – The Family Office

Anthos is the family office dedicated to advancing the success of the family business owners’ endeavours and the flourishing of the Brenninkmeijer family community. The original family service office was established in Amsterdam in the 1930s.

Today, Anthos has offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, the United Kingdom and North America, with over 100 dedicated professionals offering integrated, trusted advice and tailored services, including private wealth management and estate planning.

Ilonka Var Der Hoeven


Where family heritage looks to the future

Draiflessen was established in 2009 by the Brenninkmeijer family owners in their original home town of Mettingen. It comprises two parts: a modern conference centre and an art museum – the Draiflessen Collection – which is non-profit and open to the public. The name “Draiflessen” comes from the old, secret language of the Tüötten itinerant merchants. Its two root words “drai” (meaning: three, Trinity, faith, turn, do business) and “flessen” (meaning: flax, linen, home) express themes that are meaningful for the family – its close relationship to its Westphalian origins, its Catholic faith and its entrepreneurship, which had its beginnings in the textile trade.

Exhibitions examine issues of social relevance from both artistic and scholarly perspectives and an extensive archive of objects and documents connected with the history of the family and the business is available to researchers. The purpose here is focused on the future. Collecting and celebrating the memories, stories, artefacts, insights, values and understanding of the past helps build the family’s relationships to each other and to the world, giving inspiration, encouragement and strength to future generations. It’s a place of learning, discovery, reflection and dialogue.

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C&A Artefacts Draiflessen Collection

An exhibition of C&A artefacts at Draiflessen Collection

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