Like any organisation, COFRA succeeds or fails on the strength of its people. Teams here are full of engaged professionals seeking fulfilling careers in an enterprise with a strong sense of purpose. Our mission to amaze customers and be a force for good has a strong influence. To amaze people is difficult – it takes ambition, creativity and reinvention. To know customers requires care, attention and thought, so listening is very important here. 

To achieve some good demands vision, action, collaboration and courage. It also takes humility. It’s not possible to hit these heights all the time, but the challenge and shared purpose brings people together and brings out the best in them. More than just a great place to work, COFRA aims to be a great place to learn and develop too.  

"We try to create an environment where our people can grow and belong to a broad community while contributing to the world in a way that really counts."

Boudewijn Beerkens
CEO, COFRA Holding

Boudewijn Beerkens CEO COFRA

Belong, grow and matter 

The commitment we make to all our people reflects the fact that their success is our success. The atmosphere is a positive one where wellbeing is a priority and people are encouraged to express and develop their individual talents, as well as those around them, to unlock new opportunities. By empowering our people to bring their passion to our collective purpose, the business aspires to perform to its fullest potential and make a sustainable and positive impact in the world. 

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The mix is the magic 

History teaches us that great ideas, much like great people, can come from anywhere. COFRA is open to improvement and inspiration from all quarters and encourages diversity. We actively nurture a welcoming, inclusive culture where diverse and motivated people can thrive. This openness helps with adapting and innovating to meet the challenges and opportunities of the times. 

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Come and grow

We build an inclusive culture where people can continue to develop and make an impact, inspired by the family owners' mission and values. Are you seeking a new development opportunity?

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