A family enterprise since 1841

Family-owned for six generations, COFRA is united around a common mission – to amaze customers and be a force for good. Our enterprise cares deeply about people and the communities it serves.

Through our businesses, we aim to set industry-leading standards of quality while striving to have a lasting positive and sustainable impact on society and the environment. 

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Statues of Tüötten travelling traders in Mettingen, Germany

Working for people and planet

The ethical values at the heart of COFRA provide a framework and culture focused on doing the right thing, upholding human dignity, operating sustainably and promoting social justice in everything we do.

Operating in highly competitive markets while pursuing fairer, safer and more sustainable industries is the road less travelled. Financial performance is a prerequisite because it enables everything else, but it mustn’t come at the expense of people or the planet.

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Zug In Switzerland With Lake In Background

Focused on five transitions

Through our businesses and investments, we are engaged in five systemic transitions underpinning the future of our world. Through these, we believe we can contribute to a more liveable planet and equitable society. 

  • Responsible Capital Icon

    Responsible capital

    Capital can be catalytic in helping drive positive systemic change that can be complex and costly, helping to enable a better future for people and the planet.

    Responsible capital
  • Liveable Cities Icon

    Liveable cities

    To ensure our cities & communities become more sustainable & liveable for all, how we design & build urban environments will need to change.

    Liveable cities
  • Production Consumption Icon

    Production & consumption

    Clothing is increasingly designed with its next life in mind using sustainable & recycled materials, fewer & safer chemicals, renewable energy & careful water stewardship, while workers are treated with dignity & respect.

    Production & consumption
  • Clean Energy Icon

    Clean energy

    The world is transitioning to cleaner sources of energy & with more innovation, scale & speed the effects of climate change can be mitigated.

    Clean energy
  • Sustainable Food Icon

    Sustainable food

    With natural resources threatened by depletion and the demand for food increasing, a transition is needed to a more sustainable food production system.

    Sustainable food

Founded by two travelling linen merchants

The founders of the company, Clemens and August, were born into a family of travelling linen merchants. They journeyed from Mettingen in Germany to Sneek in the Netherlands to sell cloth door to door, later opening their first textile warehouse and store there. Their sons continued the trend, opening their own C&A outlets in other towns and countries.

Today, COFRA still moves towards opportunity, seeking out new markets, new ideas and new business models to fulfil its mission.  

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Statues Of Tüötten Travelling Traders

Statues of Tüötten travelling traders in Mettingen, Germany

“None of us alone is as good as all of us together.”
Martijn Brenninkmeijer Chairman, COFRA Holding