20240610 Portocolom and AFAM

Portocolom and Anthos Fund & Asset Management announce strategic partnership to develop sustainable multi-asset investment portfolios

Tuesday, 11 June 2024

Madrid, Spain and Amsterdam, Netherlands, 11 June 2024: Portocolom and Anthos Fund & Asset Management have signed a strategic partnership that will increase client access to sustainable multi-asset investment portfolios while also creating positive impact.

Portocolom and Anthos Fund & Asset Management are both widely recognised sustainable investment firms which believe that responsible, values-based investing can lead to strong financial returns and positive impact in society and the environment.  

Portocolom’s clients will benefit from Anthos Fund & Asset Management’s sustainable investing expertise, built over the past century and curated by sixty sustainable investment experts, while preserving their contractual relationship with Portocolom.

Iker Barron, CEO of Portocolom: “We are very pleased to establish this partnership with Anthos Fund & Asset Management and are looking forward to their support implementing our discretionary management mandate for clients. This will include faith-based institutions, whose investments will be managed by Portocolom while taking advantage of the Anthos Fund & Asset Management investment strategies. Portocolom aspires to become a benchmark for clients in sustainable investment advice and management, and I am confident this partnership with Anthos is another positive step to achieving that.”

Jacco Maters, CEO of Anthos Fund & Asset Management: “The Portocolom and Anthos Fund & Asset Management partnership provides clients with a values-based asset management solution, accessing the best managers globally to outperform while contributing to the common good, with portfolios that strive to make positive impact on society and the planet. This partnership is a next step in our ambition to selectively open our doors for like-minded clients. In Portocolom we have found a partner that has firmly rooted our shared values in their investment strategy and their client base strongly reflects these values. I am proud to share our journey with such a respectable partner.”

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